Fernando Bueno

Fernando Bueno

Divisional Director VATSUR

VATSUR Divisional Director and RCRP Member

Division Director VATSUR

Authority: Being appointed by the Director of Region, the Director of Division is assigned the authority to organize the division and the parties that make up the way it deems most appropriate. Within its powers include:

The discretion to structure the subdivisions that make up the division.

The discretion to take decisions on a daily basis, defined as operations such as "every day" in relation to transactions on a regional basis.

The discretion to designate individuals as heads of subdivisions that constitute together with the authorities in their division.

The discretion to appoint assistants as necessary to help carry out the duties of the office of director of Division.

This authority is subject to review by the Director of Region. Taking into account that the decisions of the Director of Division may not be annulled by the Director of Region, without prior consent of the Board. The Directors of Division will be vested with broad discretion in exercising the authority conferred by these rules.

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