VATSIM / VATSA Regulations

The following documents must be read by ALL users before using


VATSIM’s Code of Conduct is the document that governs all operations in the system. VATCA bases its operations on this regulation.

Rev. 10/15

VATSIM’s Code of Regulations is the organic statute of VATSIM. Through this regulation, it is regulated how each one of the parts that compose it will work, the disciplinary procedures are made and the authorities and their designation form are established. No local rule of any subdivision of VATSIM can go against these rules.

Rev. 09/16

User terms for the network and services it provides.

Rev. 12/08

VATSIM’s Data Protection and Handling Policy

This policy has been put in place to achieve the following aims:

  • to comply with the law, particularly the EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • to ensure good data protection practice
  • to protect members, staff, and other individuals
  • to protect the organisation