Virtual Airlines

What is a Virtual Airline?

A Virtual Airline (VA) is a member-driven group which aims to simulate the flights and operations of an airline, charter operation or flying club. Some may be based on real world companies while others are fictional. The route structure of virtual airlines may be regional, national, continental, or global.

Each VA is different in terms of how “realistic” it is in different areas: for example; ranking structure, the amount of training required to fly different aircraft types, the corporate management structure, and standard operating procedures.  This wide variety almost guarantees there is a VA using our network that should suit your individual needs.

If you have a Virtual Airline and would like some help to become an official VATSIM Airline contact the VATSA help desk at

VATSA Virtual Airlines

VATSA maintains a list of approved Virtual Airlines, each Airline has different things to offer, so we invite you to click on each of the pages before deciding which of them you want to fly. If you wish you can belong to 2 or 3, as long as you comply with the statutes of each of them.

!Go and know your next Virtual Airline!

Ticos Airways Virtual is a virtual airline developed to simulate the operations of an airline. It is an association of fans and lovers of Flight Simulator and is unrelated to any real airline. Our team is focused and willing to do whatever we need to do to make this airline a success! We do not settle for average, and are always searching for new ways to improve ourselves and the airline

Ticos Airways Virtual

CEO: Jose Gonzalez


Whether you’re a novice, or an expert pilot, we aim to provide you with the opportunity to master the art of flying. We strive to not only provide you with a unique platform to refine and build your flight skills and experience, but also build lifelong connections, around the world. Our first priority is providing you with a first class, real- time, flight experience, through the use of real-world information.

ATLAS Virtual Airline

CEO: Steven Gonzalez


AEROCARGO INTERNACIONAL VIRTUAL, is a virtual cargo airline to enjoy flight simulators FS9, FSX and Prepar3D.

Aerocargo Virtual Airline

CEO: Fernando Angel Gonzalez


Aerolíneas Virtual nació de la idea de poder utilizar el simulador de vuelo para recrear vuelos que ocurren en la realidad. La propuesta fue agregar al vuelo un sentido, una estructura de operaciones, donde el usuario pudiera sentirse como un piloto de Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Aerolíneas Virtual, presenta hoy con orgullo cimientos bien firmes, para seguir creciendo, para recrear cada día más la realidad.

  • Hangar con aviones que reflejan la flota real de Aerolíneas Argentinas, incluso su historia.
  • Vuelos actualizados en sus horarios hasta el más mínimo detalle.
  • Un sistema estructurado de exámenes y escalafones.
  • Un centro de instrucción ÚNICO para el entrenamiento del piloto para ampliar su experiencia, su capacidad, sus habilidades y sus conocimientos.

En Aerolíneas Virtual nos preocupamos mucho por que el piloto entienda, no solo los reglamentos de la VA, sino, todo lo referido al vuelo en general. Siendo así la unica aerolínea virtual que mantiene una constante capacitación de sus pilotos.
Si usted no solamente quiere pertenecer a una aerolínea virtual, si no solamente quiere juntar horas de vuelo y si no quiere ser un numero, entonces…

únase a este grupo, Aerolíneas Virtual, le da la bienvenida a bordo.

Aerocargo Virtual Airline

CEO: José Patricio Amarilla


Despegamos hoy, para ser la mejor línea aérea virtual de Latinoamérica.

Bienvenido a la casa de la nueva línea aérea virtual de Bolivia, Aerosur Virtual. Lo invitamos a registrarse como piloto para formar parte de esta gran familia, nuestro centro de operaciones tiene toda la información para volar con nosotros en los cielos virtuales de Bolivia y el Mundo.


The Virtual Naval Aviation of Chile is a grouping of real and virtual pilots dedicated to the virtual airline simulation. Our goal is to train pilots to fly online as real as possible.

Ecofly Virtual Airlines

Immensely we would like to join with our VA this prestigious network that is the VATSIM. We are aiming to use only one. And the chosen network was the VATSIM. I hope we can meet the demands of you.

Created at: Oct 6 2015

FABv (Virtual Brazilian Air Force)

The FABv(Virtual Brazilian Airforce) is a organization that gives the possibility to people simulate as real as it is possible the Military enviroment of the Real Brazilian Airforce here at VATSIM.

Created at: Jun 30 2014


A FLYGOLv é uma organização virtual movida por entusiastas da aviação que busca simular com seriedade, qualidade e precisão as operações da Gol Linhas Aéreas.

Created at: Jun 30 2014

Gold Virtual Airlines

A Gold Virtual Airlines é uma Empresa Aérea Virtual dedicada à simulação de voos comerciais utilizando Software’s e redes mundiais de computadores on line sem qualquer vínculo a nenhuma empresa real.

Created at: Jan 14 2015

LATAM Virtual

The LATAM Virtual is a VA which aims to get as close to the operational reality of largest Latin American airlines, Formely TAM Virtual, operational since 2004.

Created at: Aug 4 2014


Somos uma empresa dedicada a simulação de voos no Brasil e no mundo utilizando softwares de acesso a redes mundiais. Operando desde 2010.

Created at: Feb 27 2017

TCA Venezuela

TCA Venezuela with over 19 years in the virtual skies, more than a 100 active pilots, a modern fleet with about 150 aircrafts flying over 1000 routes around the world.

Created at: Aug 12 2018

Transbrasil Virtual

A Transbrasil Virtual revive na simulação de voo os tempos áureos da aviação brasileira.

Created at: Oct 3 2017


Would you like to learn how to fly in Brazil? VATBRZ is a VATSIM Authorized Training Organization.

Created at: Jun 30 2014


VIASA, la Venezolana Internacional de Aviación Sociedad Anónima, es una desaparecida Aerolínea Venezolana. Hemos procedido a su rescate virtual, modernizando toda su flota.

Created at: Jun 30 2014